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We strongly recommend treatment before the borer damage is evident.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shouldn't a footer be made of concrete?
    In most cases, a compacted granular footer is superior to concrete. Concrete has a tendency to crack over time whereas a granular footer has enough inherent flexibility to deal with the normal expansion and contraction of the ground.
  • What products does Hendel's install?
    We can acquire and install almost any make of Segmental Retaining Block or Pavers.
  • At what point should I call Hendel's for advice or a free estimate?
    Ideally, if you are considering a wall or driveway, any time is a good time. If you are building a home, however, we should be there before a blacktop or concrete driveway is installed and the yard is finish-graded. This insures a minimum cost of repair to any existing landscaping.​​​​​​​
  • Are tree and landscaping estimates free?
    Yes estimates are free. Risk assessments however are not.
  • Why should I consider a Brick Paver versus asphalt, concrete, or stamped concrete?"
    Brick Pavers are superior for a number of reasons. First, Brick Pavers usually cost less than asphalt or concrete. Second, they are stronger and less affected by varying temperatures: They remain strong whether hot or cold. Third, they last longer and require less maintenance than asphalt or concrete, and they are much easier to repair or remove. Finally, there are more colors and styles available with Brick Pavers, so you have more design flexibility.
  • When is the best time to do tree work?
    Removals of trees, any time the ground is dry. Late spring through summer, even into mid-Fall. We recommend for pruning etc., late fall into winter. Tree work can basically be done 12 months out of the year. We have all the proper equipment such as a crane, bucket truck and we like to use plywood under heavy equipment during the months where the ground may be slightly wet, to protect your yard.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We take Visa, Mastercard, and personal checks. You can make a payment over the phone at (513)738-9913 Our address is:2456 Ross-Millville Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45013 Our hours of business are 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri.
  • How long does a tree job take?
    Most tree work can be done in about a day. Only if the job is for a large company or commercial job, the work may take longer than a day.
  • What kind of footer does a Segmental Retaining Wall sit on?
    The majority of retaining walls sit on a 6 - 8 inch deep compacted granular footer, depending on wall height.
  • What do you use to backfill?
    Most walls 5 feet and under are backfilled with washed, free-draining gravel topped with 6-8" of topsoil. Walls over 5 feet may require engineering which will specify the type of granular backfill used. Hendel's provides the engineering support necessary in such cases.
  • What are the advantages of a Segmental Retaining Wall versus a poured concrete or wood (railroad tie, etc.) retaining wall?"
    Concrete will crack and deteriorate. Wood will rot out and attract insects. When installed properly, there would be no reason to ever replace a Segmental Retaining Wall regardless of it's size.
  • Are there any limitations on Segmental Retaining Block walls regarding height and length?
    There are no length limitations on our block walls. Regarding height, some engineering might be necessary depending on proposed height. Hendel's provides the engineering support and layout necessary to provide a proper, safe, and attractive installation.
  • Do you do driveways?
    Yes, we excavate and install Brick Paver walkways, driveways, entranceways, and aprons.
  • What should I do to prepare the site before Hendel's arrives?
    You need to do nothing to prepare the worksite. Hendel's provides complete service from start to finish. We will even remove and dispose of the old wall (if there is one), do any necessary excavation, complete wall construction, backfill, and address any disturbed areas. This usually includes seeding and straw.*
  • How much does tree work cost?
    Generally tree work cost at least $200 to $300 dollars, to cut down limbs or a small tree. Depending on the size of the tree it may cost as much as $2000-$3000 dollars, depending on if we need to use a crane, or the tree is in the backyard; depending on if we can get equipment to it, or if the tree is dead and may be hazardous.
  • Do you have to pay sales tax on tree work, Mulch and Firewood?"
    Yes, you do have to pay sales tax. Ohio Department of Taxation Landscaping, Lawn Care Services, and Snow Removal - January, 2004 – Revised This release deals with the application of Ohio sales and use tax to landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal services. It revises and replaces the revised release issued in January 2003 so as to incorporate changes made to the law relating to snow removal in Am. Sub. H.B. 95 (effective 7/1/2003). R.C. 5739.01 (B)(3)(g) includes landscaping and lawn care service in the definition of "sale" or "selling," which makes the provision of these services subject to the Ohio sales and use tax. R.C. 5739.01 (B)(5) states that "the provision of landscaping and lawn care service and the transfer of property as part of that service is never a construction contract." R.C. 5739.01 (DD) defines "landscaping and lawn care service" as: ". . . the services of planting, seeding, sodding, removing, cutting, trimming, pruning, mulching, aerating, applying chemicals, watering, fertilizing and providing similar services to establish, promote, or control the growth of trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, ground cover, and other flora, or otherwise maintaining a lawn or landscape grown or maintained by the owner for ornamentation or other nonagricultural purpose."
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